How to disable AJAX carts to make them compatible with our Price Add-ons

Our app will try to disable your ajax cart to make sure our price add-ons get saved. On some themes, you will have to disable the ajax carts manually (see list of themes below).

What are AJAX carts

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AJAX carts are drawer carts that come in from the side or a popup cart that pops up.

The problem is that our price add-ons aren’t calculated in these ajax carts and if a customer clicks checkout from one of these carts it will delete our app’s price add-ons.

How to disable AJAX Carts

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To make sure our options get saved, you can turn off your ajax cart and send the users to the cart page instead.

  • Go to the Theme Settings
  • Cart Page Settings
  • Select Page

Theme’s that you will need to disable the ajax carts

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This is a list of theme’s where our app doesn’t disable the ajax cart. You will need to manually disable the ajax carts on the themes listed below to prevent our price add-ons from being deleted.

  • Blockshop
  • Broadcast
  • Debutify
  • Gecko
  • Gymuso
  • Icon
  • Impluse
  • Motion
  • Narrative
  • Prestige
  • Supply
  • Turbo
  • Vantage
  • Venue
  • Warehouse
If you have any questions or need help disabling your ajax cart, please contact us
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