App isn’t showing on Instagram, Tik Tok, or FB in app browsers

Social Media App in-app browser issues

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In June 2023, social media apps like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook changed their security policy so that scripts can no longer be loaded dynamically in their in-app browsers. This means all app scripts loaded with Shopify’s script tag API including Variant Option Product Options won’t work.

To fix this you can install our app’s app embed.

How to activate the app embed

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We recently updated our apps install page to use app embeds to fix the issue. Follow the directions below to activate the app embed.

  • Open Variant Option Product Options
  • Go to the Install page
  • Select the theme you want to install our app embed to.
  • Click Enable

This will open the theme customizer and activate our app embed.

Make sure to click “Save” to save the settings to your theme.

Please note this article is for customers going from social media in-app browsers to your store.

Social media sales channels aren’t compatible with any product options apps. Only native Shopify Options will work in these third party sales channels. This is a limitation of Shopify.


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