Why does Best Custom Product Options load so slow?
This can happen if you installed a lot of other apps before ours. To load our options faster, go into your theme.liquid file and add this script just before the closing head tag, which looks like this:
<script src=”https://obscure-escarpment-2240.herokuapp.com/js/best_custom_product_options.js”></script>
Why are the custom option settings not showing up?
You need to choose a default option setting first. Go to the “Settings” tab, choose a default setting and click Save. If you need more control, you can choose a product from “All Products” and change individual product settings there.
How do I create the same product options for every product?
To choose a default setting, go to “Settings” and choose a default product option.
How do you duplicate product option settings?
  1. Click on “Duplicate” in the navigation.
  2. Choose a product whose settings you want to duplicate.
  3. Select the products you want to copy the product option settings to.
  4. Press the duplicate button.
How do I make the custom option settings look good on my dark/light theme?
Go to “Settings” and choose either “Light” or “Dark” in the Theme section.
Why aren’t the custom option settings showing up when I preview a theme?
The code doesn’t get installed to unactivated themes. Once a theme is activated, the code gets automatically installed.