Best Custom Product Options FAQ

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Why does Best Custom Product Options load so slow?
This can happen if you installed a lot of other apps before ours. To load our options faster, go into your theme.liquid file and add this script just before </head> (the closing head tag):
<script src=””></script>
Why doesn’t the price change with different variants? 
We are currently working to fix this problem with every theme to display the correct prices. If this doesn’t work on your theme contact us and we will fix it on your site.
Why doesn’t the main product image change with the selected variant?
First, make sure that a product image is connected to your variant in the backend product page of shopify. If the product image still doesn’t change with the selected variant contact us.

Why are the custom option settings not showing up?

You need to choose a default option setting first. Go to the “Settings” tab, choose a default setting and click Save. If you need more control, you can choose a product from “All Products” and change individual product settings there.
How do I create the same product options for every product?
To choose a default setting, go to “Settings” and choose a default product option.
How do you duplicate product option settings?
  1. Click on “Duplicate” in the navigation.
  2. Choose a product whose settings you want to duplicate.
  3. Select the products you want to copy the product option settings to.
  4. Press the duplicate button.
How do I make the custom option settings look good on my dark/light theme?
Go to “Settings” and choose either “Light” or “Dark” in the Theme section.
Why aren’t the custom option settings showing up when I preview a theme?
The code doesn’t get installed to unactivated themes. Once a theme is activated, the code gets automatically installed.
Still having trouble? Click here to contact us.

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